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Empowered by 35 years of experience in real estate, sales and human resources management, I am better equipped than ever to guide your real estate goals. My many awards and honours, my 500 transactions to date and my consistent ranking among the top brokers are proof that my career was indeed predestined. From fashion to real estate, I have built a bridge linking my passions. Communication, service, design, architecture and construction... it was a natural choice for satisfying my ambitions.




My past experience in identifying the needs of others has made me a unique broker who is caring, empathic and proactive. There’s no beating my passion and drive when it comes to negotiating. I know how to strategically convey the fire that burns within me. Attention to detail, availability and relentlessness are just some of the jewels crowning my transactions.

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No one can avoid it or deny it... These recent years have been driven by evolution. Technology, telephony, applications, administration, houses... Everything is changing. Welcome to the era of instantaneity! In a world where the only constant is change, I like to think that the secret to standing out in the real estate landscape is novelty. My mission is based on this premise and the reason why I strive to work differently.

Stéphane Dubé

I am a broker who constantly adapts to the changing needs of my clients. I am the key element that can reassure you in this fast-paced world of real estate. I put your needs into perspective and clear the path to achieving your goals. By helping you to avoid potential traps, errors and detours, I can offer the ideal trajectory to your dream.

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Your property has always been my priority and that is not about to change. If you are ambitious enough to dare to change and move, choose the right broker.
I am Stéphane Dubé.

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